Share your assessment of how we are doing as a county in these metrics.

This is a non-profit documentary sponsored by Happiness Data. It will be freely available to all. The cost of making is roughly $10,000. We believe that over time this documentary will lead to shifts that result in at least 1,000. homeless people becoming contributing members of our culture and many more will be treated with more dignity. That is $10. to help a single person have a home.

You can also invest time in this ongoing project:

  1. Pick an area of research you don't find here. 
  2. Interview a homeless person with their permission and send the link to the video.
  3. Adopt a homeless person and help them to find a home and good life and document the process.
  4. Share a resource that can help homeless people. 

Collaborate: I'm sharing all of the raw data from which I can make a documentary for several reasons. Among them is to empower you to some or all of the following:

  1. Edit this material into your own documentary of any length. Use as much of this material as you want and put it together differently than I have to tell another angle of the story. Simply write and ask permission and give credit to Happiness Data for any parts used.
  2. You can create a whiteboard animation using portions of this data to make points.
  3. You can help to create a homeless app.
  4. You can edit this whole project (this is an area I have less patience for so would be a huge help).
  5. You can do graphic work to illustrate some of these points by watching a video segment, noticing where an illustration would be helpful and making one, them submitting it to the media page  here .